Corada: Comprehensive Online Resource for the ADA


Why Corada?

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Evan Terry Associates created the Comprehensive Online Resource for the Americans with Disabilities Act, or CORADA, for the purpose of helping people to identify, to understand, and to meet their obligations under the ADA and other access requirements.  Navigating through necessarily complicated requirements, searching through hundreds of important technical assistance documents, and attempting to understand governmental mandates with their own special language often leaves ADA coordinators, facility managers, contractors, architects and other design professionals, as well as casual users overwhelmed and unsure where to find what they need to know and how to apply the information they do find.  Corada offers a massive online database that connects ADA requirements and official technical assistance materials developed by the Department of Justice and the Department of Transportation, and the Access Board, to other relevant information such as products, how-to videos, expert opinions, design ideas, possible solutions, training opportunities, and upcoming events. Corada also hosts “Voices,” an interactive place for occasional and regular users to discuss, share, collaborate and learn about accessibility. With peer support and targeted data for each section of the ADA Standards and regulations, it is our hope that Corada will become your go to resource to gain a better understanding of what is required; and then to successfully modify, design and construct facilities, and operate programs and policies that are inclusive of all people as required by law.

Using our decades of experience and the ADA Standards and Regulations as our foundation, we built Corada with several goals in mind:

  • To accumulate a rich database of all types of useful information related to accessibility into one place
  • To make it as widely available and as affordable as possible for everyone who needs to use it
  • To reduce the time it takes to locate relevant information by meta-tagging everything to maximize the effectiveness of searches and improve its usability
  • To accommodate and integrate all types of media within the same information framework
  • To facilitate useful and detailed conversations about all things access-related and to integrate those conversations into the same information framework to make them easy to find on any topic
  • To significantly elevate the level of competency of novices and experts alike by making more information instantly available including topic-specific and general training, detailed solutions and products to solve both common and difficult access problems
  • To accommodate all users by complying with and exceeding WCAG requirements for web accessibility

Want more info?

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Questions or Comments?

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